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Hi and welcome to my EMS page! As the title says, this page is dedicated to all EMS PROVIDERS in all aspects of the field. I am both a VOLUNTEER EMS PROVIDER AND A PAID EMS PROVIDER. I Volunteer for the SMYRNA EMERGENCY SQUAD and work part time for SUPERIOR AMBULANCE SERVICE. I also work full time at Colgate University in the Campus Safety Department as a full time Campus Safety Officer.

Many people do not realize the amount of time, schooling, field work and DEDICATION it takes to enter this field. I am hoping this page will help enlighten those that have wondered

Being involved in EMS has changed my life, all in a positive manner. As with life in general, there are many ups and downs in EMS and I can say that I have shared tears of frustration as well as tears of joy, experienced great sadness and yet have also experienced uncontainable happiness. This is a field that can take an emotional toll, and as we know, we are all only human. The hardest fact to come to terms with is simple; We can't save everyone. There are situations that are beyond our control, we can only DO OUR BEST with each and every person that we treat, and hope the outcome is positive. I can say I personally have hugged the family members of patients in grief, and have hugged the family members of patients in relief. I have seen people take their last breath, I have breathed life into others, and have seen the miracle of birth as a newborn takes their first breath of life. I sit here now and look back on these different situations, and I can truly say if I were to leave this world today, I would leave knowing I MADE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of many people.

I want to specifically mention and thank the following: To the SMYRNA EMERGENCY SQUAD...many ups and downs have happened to this great group of people, yet they have stuck it out and continue to dedicate themselves to helping others and serving their community with PRIDE; To the NORWICH EMERGENCY SQUAD, thou considered by some not a "SQUAD" anymore, they still give of themselves as they have for many years and serve their community with great pride; and finally, To SUPERIOR AMBULANCE, for showing me the other side of EMS and helping me appreciate EMS all the more.


June 28, 1999

1998 was not a kind year to me or my family and on June 17, 1998 I lost one of the most important people in my life to cancer, my lovely mother. We found out 2 years ago mom had lung cancer and over the course of 1997 she went through surgery to remove part of her lung, chemo and radiation. In November of 1997 mom was given a "clean" bill of health based on the cancer she had, with the notion of course there are always chances it is still lingering elsewhere.

In May of 1998, exactly 1 year after being diagnosed with lung cancer, mom again went into the hospital with pneumonia. The doctors decided to do a body scan and found tumors in her brain, spine and hip. The prognosis was simple, 6 months or less. Well, my mother faced this news with her head high, stiff upper lip and said hey, I have no regrets, I have lived a full and terrific life with my family and friends and I am not afraid to die, I just am afraid of the pain and they have assured me they will take care of that. Those words were spoken Mothers Day weekend, and she was a trooper to the end of her short life of 66 years. My mom died 5 short weeks later after battling the most couragous battle I have ever seen.

For the longest time I was so very angry, especially at God for taking her so soon. 6 months is what we were told, which is bad enough, yet she was gone so much sooner. I did not feel he had the right to make the decision as to when and how people die and it took a long time for me to realize that there is a reason for everything that happens and it is not for us to question but to simply believe.

Believe, the hardest part of death is believing our loved one is going and has gone to a better place. Do I believe this? At one point no I did not, and that was because of grief. Do I now? Yes, I truly believe that mom is in a better place and is at peace with those that left before her.

At mom's funeral I had them play "The Heart Will Go On", the theme from TITANIC because this is what she truly did believe. Tho that song will always cause my heart to break, it also gives me great peace knowing that she is with us and always will be.

I can say that without my mom's encouragement, love and simply how she raised us, I would not be where I am at today. She always instilled in us to follow our dreams, do your very best and EVEN IF YOU FAIL; as long as you DID YOUR BEST, that was what counted.

Mom encouraged me in EMS and I can truly say whenever I had a bad call, she was the one I called right away, she was the one that listened as I told the stories, through the tears and pain and she was the one that made it better.

So, in addition to those I listed when I first made this page, I want to DEDICATE this page to my mom, because without her support, guidence, love, strength and dedication to us, I could not and would not be where I am and who I am today.

Thank you mom for giving these gifts to me and until we see each other again, I will always try to do for others as you always did for me.

All my love,

Debby, your itty bitty.


October 25, 1999


It seems every year or so, sometimes sooner, a tragedy strikes our lives involving someone we do not know personally, but know of. Today, again the world was shocked to learn of the death of one of golf's greats, PAYNE STEWART, a man that devoted his life to God, his family and golf. As the news was broadcast across the world, many stopped and were horrified that just a few short months after JOHN F. KENNEDY JR., his wife and sister in law were killed and a few short years after PRINCESS DIANA was killed, again, the world has to deal with another tragic death of a giving, loving and young person leaving behind families to cope with the loss.

PAYNE STEWART was one of my favorite golfers, his attitude, smile and emotion set him apart from many and when he fought back tears after he won the US OPEN in 1999, so did I, so happy for him it was as though it was one of my own family winning that event.

Many in the public eye affect us this way, when PRINCESS DIANA, a woman I admired oh so very much, was killed, again grief hit and the thing that kept going through my head was please let it not be true. JFK Jr., again, the reality took time to set in, a family having to deal with the loss of a son, and another losing 2 daughters.

So I sit here tonight and realize how quickly things in our lives can go from good to bad, even though we may feel they are not always good anyway. Like a slap in the face, the headline hits and again we are forced into the realization that it could be us anytime, anyday. A rude awakening, but one that makes us take a long look at who we are and if we are proud of who and what we are.

I think over the last 5 years or so I have changed in many ways due to personal happenings. As mentioned above I dedicated this page to my wonderful mother, and I know I have gotten stronger in some ways after her death and weaker in others. I know that no matter how bad things may seem, all we need to do is look around to see how fortunate we truly are.

So, now on this EMS page, I am dedicating a TRIBUTE to those killed tragically each day, and even though there are many that we will never know about, those that have truly touched my life are shown above to remind me every time I update this page that life needs to be lived to the fullest and when I am down all I need to do is look at them and the inspiration they gave and still give to all is truly unbelieveable.

Garth Brooks sings a song "IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES" and another called "THE DANCE" (now read this slow, it is sort of deep) and these songs tell us as these deaths have shown us, that we do not know our destiny, and that is important, because if we did, we would not be who we are now...but that we must also be careful of who we are now because IF tomorrow should cease to be for us, would others truly know how we felt about them and would there be any doubts....

Finally, a chance to update the page, this is Sunday, March 26, 2000 and before you read on I just wanted to thank all of you that have signed the guest book and/or written to me about my page. I love doing these web pages and have made many since, but this is my favorite of all. As stated above, this page is dedicated especially to my mother, but I want to add a special place here for my dad, sister, husband and son. They have been and are also very important people in my life. It seems our family has gotten smaller in some ways over the last few years with things that have transpired, but also has grown with others including the birth of my son 6 1/2 years ago. To all of you, thank you for the patience, laughter, tears, hugs, kisses and just for being YOU. In my heart all of you will always be......

August 23rd, 2002..update..

Wow, so much has happened since I last updated this page! I had taken a leave from our squad, well, EMS in general for almost a year in April of 2001 due to "burnout". Honestly, I never thought I would see the day that would happen, but it did and it happened to me. The best thing I did was take a leave because I am now looking at EMS in a whole new light! Realizing we can't save everyone and be there for every call all the time is a big step in EMS...having this knowledge makes dealing with tragedy in our business a bit easier.

Tragedy, well, that is what finally forced me to take a leave..I was simply tired of dealing with death and knew I needed a break from it all! It was one of the hardest decisions I ever made BUT one of the healthiest as well. I knew I at that time I could not give 100% to the people that needed it...not just patients, but my family as well. Talking it out with some great friends and other people helped me get through that year. Now, I am again doing what I love part time, but I am doing it at my pace. My biggest mistake was just that..not pacing myself and it finally caught up with me. I have realized my family AND myself come first, and realizing that I can give 110% now any time I have to.

Now, for my fellow EMS providers,after much thought and from the heart, here is some advice for all of you...Life is what you make of it so go for the gusto and live it to the fullest! REMEMBER however, take time to breath and inhale the fresh air, time to smile, time to cry and time for thought. If you are not up to par, how can you give 100% to your patients....!

April 17, 2003

Wow, to describe the last 6 months, I would not know where to start...lets start by saying...we BEAT it...and the feelings are still too real and new to really try to describe.

November 8th, 2002, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I kept having headaches and then I could not get rid of them...My Dr. tested me for everything from soup to nuts...and kept saying lets do a scan...but I had all the symptoms of a thyroid issue. I finally agreed and within a week we knew there was a "shadow" on the scan. Once you hear something like this, the world starts to spin. I can tell you without the help and support upfront of the people we know, it would have not been beat. I remember the non believing part of this, thinking bad film, an error..everything possible. The reality came to be on November 11th when the MRI confirmed this was a brain tumor that was in the front left part of my brain, but it was 2 inches deep inside.

Telling the family was the hard part...I had a couple great friends in Rita and Maggie that knew, but that was all that knew then. The night we told my husband, and realize I waited because I did not want to put fear into my family until I knew what it was, was a rough deal. My Pastor and great "add on" family member David was here with Maggie, his wife and one of my best friends. He handled it but did have a hard time as well, which is understandable. The next day we told my 9 year old and let him know we planned on fighting this thing and beating it.

I can tell you right from the beginning I said I was going to beat this did not take me long to realize alone I could not do it...but with the love, support, prayers and guidance all through this, WE BEAT IT.

First Neuro Surgeon visit, bad deal...we were told taking this out due to its location would totally debilatate me for life and most likely kill me. WOW, talk about another kick in the gut...but again, I said ok, how do we deal with it??? What do we do to beat it. Well, we were referred to University Hospital in Syracuse NY, just over an hour away from us. Our first visit to see the Dr. there, great deal. They said most likely the other team can't get it out, we can...we have the technology and the know how. By the grace of God they were right.

Support from this surgeon and his team, again, unreal and the best. Dr. Canute, Leah, Carol, I can't ever thank you all enough, you are all the best.

Tests, man, I cannot count the number I went through, the scans, xrays, MRI's, etc. December 18th I had a biopsy done to determine the type it was. Having the halo put on really scared me, but once in that room, they give you enough meds to conciously sedate you and trust me, you feel nothing and know nothing. Basically all I know is I picked on my Dr. and razzed him about messing up my hair.

After spending the night in ICU, I came home the next day and within a few was feeling as normal as ever.

TYPE of tumor, there are 4 types based on grades, 1-4. Normally 1 and 2 are benign, 3 and 4 and malignant. January 6th we found out it was a grade 2 and it needed to come out. More tests were done, surgery date was planned and life went on.

January 23rd I was admitted for my surgery. I had my head shaved (and that was my pet peeve on this, shaving my head!), but they buzzed it so there was still a military look..phew! Went through another MRI so they could "Map" my brain for the surgery on Friday the 24th. IV was done, meds given and sleep did come that night.

January 24th, I was taken into the OR at 10:20 am. The entire left side of my head was opened and surgery took place. Again it was a concious sedation because there were times they had to do brain stimulation and wake me up. 14 1/2 hours later, surgery was over and I was in ICU recovering. My stay there was mostly sleep and after 8 days in I was allowed to come home. The diagnosis was good, but now we had lots of things to consider as well.

Support at home, man, fastastic is all I can say. Between family and friends, our church, people at both my husbands and my job, unreal. Our Church cooked our dinners for 2 weeks, and we are talking right down to dessert each time. My sons school, unreal with support for him and the family. This was a terrible thing for a 9 year old to go through, but again, the people around us have made it all the easier. The cards, calls, emails, prayers, I will never be able to thank everyone enough and yes I am told, you don't have to, but in my heart I will always be grateful.

I was on multiple meds for over a month and finally just before I started radiation, I was off all of them. Radiation, wow a scary thought, but a needed treatment for the possible loose cells of that tumor. The Radiology Group at the hospital, as all others that have been there for me, totally supportive and just simply wonderful to me. I began in March and for 6 weeks, 5 times a week, 30 treatments, I finally ended all my "medical" treatments April 15th. My drive to Syracuse was 50 miles each way, so I did 100 miles a day and 500 a week. I can say without the help of friends and such, that would have been over bearing as well.

So here I am today, April 17th writing this update, still trying to get a grip on the fact that I am through this, we kicked its butt, and life is getting more normal each day. I still have swelling on the left side, muscles were cut, stitched and are healing from surgery, a slight amount of hair is lost near the left temple, but overall I didn't lose it anywhere else. Emotions have come and gone these last few days with the realization that from Tuesday on is all healing time now. I go visit my fantastic surgeon next Tuesday after one more MRI, then it is a time game of things all healing up.

Work has been fantastic in the support I have recieved from both my department, Campus Safety, to Human Resources. My co-workers I cannot say enough about, the Boss's have been very supportive and HR has made paperwork a very easy task. My goal was May 20th, at this time it doesn't look that way but with any hope, the beginning of June I will return.

So here we are, putting some feelings down on here and thoughts in hopes that, God Forbid, nobody has to experience this because in all honesty it is hell to go through. But if you or someone you know does experience it, attitude is a big part of the battle. Know that you need to be strong, grab the bull by the horns and don't let go. I can tell you there will be down times, 90% of the time I was up, but at times that 10% would get a bit of a grip and it made me fight all the harder. I had thoughts of "is this the last time" during certain times, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, my sons Christmas concert. But I never let it hang like that in my head for long.

Another part of this battle is more than one opinion and asking every question you have. The saying about no such thing as a stupid question is totally true and I can say I don't know how many times I called my Doctor's office to ask a question, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. These people, as I said, fantastic.

In July we are having a VICTORY and THANK YOU party BBQ with all those mentioned invited. I can't think of any other way to thank them and we have a fantastic reason to celebrate now. I will tell you I lived life to the fullest before, it is so much more than that even now. I thank God each day for the help, I appreciate things all the more and I have told others, I am here for them no matter what. I will tell you today I still cannot describe what this was like, what it does to you mentally, emotionally, physically. I can tell you these things are beatable and yep, we kicked its ass.


JANUARY 23RD, 2004

Again, a long time since updating and here we are, one year later and a SURVIVOR of a brain tumor! It will be 1 year tomorrow that I had the surgery and was in one of the biggest battles of my life! The time has flown and I thank God for each day I have. It almost doesn't seem real that this happened a year ago!

I have had 2 MRI's since June and things look fantastic! I will go back in June for another and then will only have to go annually for the rest of my life, but well worth the trip and time having this done. The MRI's are to make sure all is ok and based on what my fantastic Surgeon Dr. Canute has said, they will keep looking like this!

So tomorrow I will be making a toast to LIFE, DR. GREGORY CANUTE and all those that helped us get through this trying time!

I went back to work on June 17th, 2003 and was out a total of 7 months and 8 days. My job and co workers as I said above, were fantastic through this and it feels good to be back into the normal swing of things!


It is amazing how rivals become rivals in Nascar. If you like the #3 most likely you don't like the #24 and vise versa. Today NASCAR, its drivers, fans and family were dealt a shocking blow in learning that Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed in the final lap of the Daytona 500.

I have been a dedicated Jeff Gordon Fan for quite some time and never was thrilled with Dale Earnhardt. It seemed to be the trend as I stated above and on race day at times we would gather with our friends and raz each other about our drivers of choice. Never was it meant to be vindictive or mean, it was being a fan and one of the tightest groups of fans around are NASCAR fans. Never did I think I would see the day something like this would happen.

Something I have stated to people is that NASCAR is one of the few sports left that do not have crime associated with it. These guys have the respect of each other, their family and fans and rightly so. No drug arrests, no DWI's, these are great role models for kids no matter what number is on the car they are driving and I am proud to say I don't hesitate to have my son follow a driver because in my eyes they are all worthy of being the idols they truly try to be.

When Adam Petty died I cried as I thought he was just a great kid. So young and with such promise, nobody could predict such a tragedy to such a rising star. Then, 2 months later Kenny Irwin dies and again Nascar is filled with grief.

Today words were long to come for me and gone is the "pee on 3 sticker" that was on my van, it was removed within an hour of learning the tragic news today. Yes, it was there to raz his fans but out of respect for one of the most successful and loved drivers I no longer felt right having it on there. The same holds true for my Jeff Gordon website, no longer will I ever post such things of any driver because you never know when something this bad may happen. I think it would be a great thing for all fans to do to their websites out of respect for the sport, the drivers and your fellow fans.

Jeff Gordon idolized Dale Earnhardt and I know if it wasn't for his friendship Jeff would most likely not be as successful as he is and has been.

So, to all of you Dale Earnhardt fans, family, rivals and to Nascar, I send my most sincere condolences on the loss of one of the best drivers there ever was. That big track on the sky will be forever changed with Dale racing there with some of our other lost drivers including Alan, Davey and the young guns Adam and Kenny. Keep em' straight and teach them well Dale, they now can learn from the best.

Now, onto EMS....

There are different levels of care in becoming an EMS provider. From CFR's (Certified First Responders), to A-EMT-P (Advanced Life Support-Paramedic)and each level requires a lot of dedicated class time, field and hospital internship. We are talking from MANY MANY MONTHS to YEARS for people to become certified in this field.

This field is not for everyone, yet there is something the general public can do to help and that is to LEARN CPR! - - This has been PROVEN to help save lives. Early CPR is the key to saving a person in CARDIAC ARREST. Just follow the link below to get more information and to find out how to sign up for a CPR class TODAY and keep AMERICA'S HEART BEATING!! - - There is no better feeling in the world than knowing YOU made a difference.

EMS is not the only part thing I volunteer in as I am also a volunteer FIRE FIGHTER! The poem I wrote below is dedicated to both present and past Fire Fighters!


Dedicated to all FIREMEN - both past and present...for the many sacrifices made.
Written and dedicated by: Deb DuBois - 3/24/96


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